Check Valves 

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Ball check valves, soft seated.
Piston check valve, with soft sealing PTFE, with threaded ends.
Disc check valves, metallic or soft seated, Ends: Wafer type, flanged ends, threaded ends.
DISCOcheck dual palte check valves BB.
Disc check valves for industry and HVAC applications. For liquids, gases, vapours. Application as gravity circulation check, vacuum breaker, breather, foot...
Wafer-type swing check valves with short overall length. It can be installed in horizontal or vertical pipes. The one-piece flap opens and closes as a...
Disc check valve, metallic sealing, wafer pattern, DN 15-100, PN 40, 1.4408
ARI-Check valve, metallic sealing, with flanges and butt weld ends, DN 15-500, PN 6 – PN 40, EN-JL1040, EN-JS1049, 1.0619+N, 1.0460, 1.4408
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