Philippopoulos s.a.

Our Company


Starting from the year 1996 as a small trading company, the company Filippopoulos a.e. has evolved into an innovative import and export company of industrial goods, offering complete solutions in the field of industry and shipping. Important advantages of our company are:

  • Cooperation with leading manufacturers
  • Full technical coverage
  • High stock level



Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece

Our company, having offices and warehouses in Athens and Thessaloniki, is able to immediately and successfully meet the daily needs of the Greek industry and shipping on a nationwide level.

Our Program

Philippopoulos s.a. is a technical-commercial company, which provides a comprehensive range of high-quality valves, instruments, auxiliary components, and complete systems, for a wide range of fluid management applications and energy transmission and storage networks in the industrial sector.

Our products are aimed at the chemical and petrochemical industry, power generation units, as well as all industrial processing units, such as the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry, the textile industry, the paper industry, the steel, aluminum, and other mineral products industry, etc.

At the same time, we also cooperate with the construction sector with the object of large commercial and industrial buildings and hospitals, infrastructure projects of industrial and urban interest such as water supply and drainage facilities, water treatment, wastewater treatment and disposal, treatment and energy utilization of residues and industrial waste and combined with co-production.

Finally, in recent years we have given special importance to the creation of large stocks for the immediate supply of specialized valves and related products for the shipbuilding and repair industry.

Philippopoulos s.a. is staffed by experienced engineers, thus providing the possibility of technical support, starting from the design phase (engineering), during construction - installation, at the start of operation, and finally during maintenance and repair, whenever these are needed.

The high stocks of ready-to-deliver products in the company's warehouses in Athens and Thessaloniki ensure immediate coverage of our customers' emergency needs.

The sales program of Philippopoulos s.a. includes products from reliable manufacturers of worldwide recognition, with whom it has secured exclusive cooperation and representation, to provide strong technical and commercial support.