CMO - Butterfly valves for water management

Butterfly valves for water management, one-way or two-way flow, with the possibility of automation with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator.

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Flanged butterfly valve with single or double excentricity. 
Manufacturing range from DN 50 up to DN 2000 (bigger sizes under request). 
The valve can be degined according to different standards: DIN (PN6, PN10, PN25, PN40, PN64), ANSI, AWWA ..... but for a maximum pressure of 2 bar. 
Body and disk manufactured in carbon steel or stainless (different grades available) . The EPDM joint is fixed to to body with an stainless steel flange.. 
The standard design is with single excentric shaft but it can be manufactured with double excentric shaft as well. The shaft of the valve is supported by self lubricated rings. 
Actuators: Electric actuator, hydraulic actuator, hydraulic actuator + counterweight, manual actuator ......



Hydroelectric power plants as guard valve to protect the turbine. 
Water pumping aplications as in combined cicle thermal power plants.

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ME Series - Flanged butterfly valve: Technical Documentation