VALSTEAM ADCA - Mixing valves

Steam/water Adcamix mixing valves.

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The steam/water Adcamix mixers provide cheap, instant
source of low pressure hot water by using existing steam
and cold water supplies.
The mixer incorporates a safety device to ensure that live
steam cannot be accidentally ejected, even if for some
reason the cold water supply fails.
The temperature of water at the outlet of the Adcamix is
easily controlled by using water and steam valves fitted to
the inlets.
Connections are female screwed.

Safety device against accidentally steam ejection
Non return valves included
Complete stainless steel construction
Quiet operation


Alternative steam valve if live steam is required, e.g. for sterilisation.
Stainless steel pedestal.
Adjustable spray gun
Couple of steam/water valves
Hot water/steam hose
Stainless suspension for hose
Saturated steam and cold water.

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