CLORIUS - Temperature controller

Self acting temperature control.

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Temperature controls
Clorius temperature controllers, consisting of a thermostat and a valve, are used for controlling the temperature in central heating systems, district heating systems, industrial plants or industrial processes. They can be used for control of cold or hot water, steam or oil in heating and cooling systems.

Clorius self-acting (self operating) thermostats are direct-acting and are available with sensors for air or liquids.

Data Sheets

Thermostats type V (V2, V4, V8) 200/400/800 N, excl. valves: 3.4.01

Weatherproof thermostats (V4.03, V4.05) Made of stainless steel: 3.4.05

Duostats (V4.05, V4.10) With double sensor system, excl. valves: 3.5.01