ARMSTRONG - Pressure reducing valves GD30

Pressure-reducing valves (PRVs) and temperature regulators represent expanded options for a reliable Armstrong solution.

Steam, liquids and gases usually flow at high pressure to the points of final use. At these points, a PRV lowers the pressure for safety and efficiency, and to match the requirements of the application. There are three types of pressure-reducing valves.

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Direct-acting. The simplest of PRVs, the direct-acting type, operates with either a flat diaphragm or convoluted bellows. Since it is self-contained, it does not need an external sensing line downstream to operate. It is the smallest and most economical of the three types and is designed for low to moderate flows. Accuracy of direct-acting PRVs is typically +/- 10% of the downstream set point.


Connections: Flanges, screwed sockets.
Diameter: DN15 – DN50 mm
Nominal Pressure: PN25 / 40
Materials:Bronze, stainless steel

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