FLOWSERVE GESTRA - Four-level measuring electrodes

The compact systems NRGS 11-1 and NRGS 16-1 work according to the conductivity measurement principle.
With the NRGS 16-1 a maximum of 4 levels can be signalled in conductive liquids:
■ High-level alarm, Low-level alarm, pump ON, pump OFF with one switchpoint each.
The NRGS 1...-1 has a switching controller integrated in the electrode terminal box. External switchgear is not required.

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The NRGS 11-1 / NRGS 16-1 are designed to detect and signal different levels in conductive liquids. They are appropriate for use in the power supply, water and chemical industries and particularly suitable for 
applications in steam boilers and feedwater tanks.


The conductivity of the liquid is used to detect the liquid level. Some liquids are conductive, which means that they allow an electric current to flow through them. For the safe functioning of this device a mimimum conductivity of the liquid to be monitored is required.
The conductivity measurement method can de­­­tect two conditions: electrode tip submerged or exposed, meaning switchpoint reached (or exceeded) or not yet reached.
Before installation, the length of the electrode rod must be adapted to the switching levels, e.g. for max./min. alarm, controlling of a valve or pump.

Data Sheets


NRGS11-1-NRGS16-1-NRGS16-1S         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRGS11-2-NRGS16-2         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRGS15-1         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRGS16-2         Data Sheets (DBL)  




NRR2-1B         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRR2-2E         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRR2-3         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRR2-40         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRR2-50-NRR2-51         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRR2-52-NRR2-53-URB50         Data Sheets (DBL)  




NRS1-1         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-2         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-3         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-40         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-40-1         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-41         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-42         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-50-FOR-ONE-ELECTRODE         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-50-FOR-TWO-ELECTRODES         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-51         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-52         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-53         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-54-NRS1-55         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-5B         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-7         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-8         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS1-9         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS2-1         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS2-3         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS2-4         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS2-40         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS2-5         Data Sheets (DBL)  
NRS2-50-NRS2-51         Data Sheets (DBL)