ADLER - Ball valves 3 way / 90°και 120°

Ball valves 3 way, 90°και 120°, flanged or threaded, with ISO 5211 TOP and option of becoming automated with pneumatic or electric actuator. 

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Ball valves 3 way, 90°και 120°, flanged or threaded, with ISO 5211 TOP and option of becoming automated with pneumatic or electric actuator. 

Diameters: DN15 - DN200 mm
Nominal pressure: PN16 - PN63, ANSI150 - ANSI600  
Body Material: Steel, stainless steel.
Material ball & shaft: Stainless steel.
Material seats: PTFE, PTFE+glass, PTFE+carbon.
Application: steam, water, air, neutral & "aggressive" gases and liquids, in general fluids compatible with the construction materials.

Data Sheets

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