ARMSTRONG - Air vents

Many industrial processes involve the removal of air/gas from a pressurized liquid. Armstrong air vents are ideally suited for this purpose. The float-operated design means the vents can instantly and automatically adjust to variations in gas flow and pressure. 

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The air vents can handle gas removal from liquids with specific gravities as low as 0.40 and pressure to 2,700 psi (186 bar). Armstrong air vents are available in a wide variety of sizes, end connections and construction materials.

Applications for Armstrong float-type air vents include hydronic heating systems, water service lines, water storage tanks, centrifugal pumps, gas lines, solvent filters and similar equipment. Operation is completely automatic, and the simple design and quality mechanism make operation trouble-free and maintenance infrequent.

Air can accumulate in remote sections of chamber-type heat-transfer equipment such as jacketed kettles, retorts, vulcanizers and jacketed sterilizers. Armstrong offers thermostatic air vents for positive venting of air and other non-condensable gases in such equipment.


See-Thru: 1-AVC


See-Thru/Ozone: 1-AVCW


Fixed Pivot Ball Float: AR-VAR Series


Free Floating Lever:

  • 1/2/3/6-AV Series - Cast Iron
  • 11/22/13-AV Series - Stainless Steel
  • 30 Series - Forged Steel


High Leverage Ball Float Type Air Relief -  HLAR Series



TTF Series - Stainless Steel

TAVB - Stainless Steel w/Vacuum Breaker

TV-2 - Bronze


Steam Radiator:

TS-2 - Bronze

SV-12 - Brass


Hydronic System: AV-11/13


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